At the moment we are looking for well-established farms round the globe to be its partner to start the marketing of the The World’s 1st – 6 Sense Recommendation Engine in their respective country .

Now Do Business AnyWhere !

 OrderLiv is the future and is all set to storm the Food & Beverges Industry after 2yrs of research & development, with the Worlds 1st Food Recommendation Engine using 6th Sense technology. It doesn’t stop here –we are offering cutting edge cloud based technologies to the Restaturants / Shop management solutions at free of cost.

 By Partnering with OrderLiv , you simply stay ahead in the race . The whole project was designed keeping the future market needs . Currnetly for all these Restaurants/Shops have to pay huge amount of money either to buy or use these cutting edge solutions. Most of our services are free and we intend to earn from advertisements . If you are interested please contact us with your details and we will love share our views and BI model . Kindly Note the opportunity will be available for limited time only to kick start the marketing activity.So Hurry Up!!!! To be a part of Online Food Network.

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